“It Doesn’t Affect Me Because I’m a Superhuman.”

“It doesn’t affect me.”

This may very well be the most ignorant phrase I’ve ever heard people say regarding movies.  Or books.  Or music.  Any kind of media, really.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much filth is present in some kind of media, we can always seem to wiggle our way out of cognitive dissonance with four simple words.  Or, as has been told to me, “it’s not like you have no choice but to start doing it when you hear or see it.”

Now that there is a convincing argument.

I guess that means we’re wasting effort when we cover children’s ears due to profanity.  I guess we’re wasting our time when we tell older siblings to set a good example for their younger brothers and sisters.  After all, it’s not like they’ll start doing what they see people doing, right?

Doing and saying what we see and hear is simply human instinct.  Humans are social creatures, we like to do things as a group, so that social aspect floods into what we see and what we hear.  Our sensory world influences us in a way unrivaled by any.  That is exactly why God chose a form of media as his medium for communication.

The Bible is media.  It is a book.  It contains multiple literary genres: narrative, poetry, and essay (epistles).  The Bible has changed people’s minds about God and convinced them to become Christians even when they came to it aiming to prove it wrong.  So then the Bible does not influence us only because we have put on a special “I’m going to be influenced now” lens when approaching the Bible.  It influences us because it is media, and media affects us.  That is exactly why God chose that particular medium.

But the negative things don’t affect YOU of course, because you, who have graced this planet with your presence, are above the sad and pathetic vulnerability that every other single person that has walked this Earth has had.  You’re exceptional.  So go ahead and watch the pornographic movies.  Listen to the bloody and vengeful music.  Read the trashy novels.  Because, of course, you’re different and the rules don’t apply to you.

Or you’re just another sad deluded soul justifying your own sinful desires.

But on the other hand, that’s not very likely is it?


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