The Danger in Music

I’ve been talking a lot about books recently.  About stories, worldviews, characters, and authors.  It’s time to shift gears a little bit.  Understanding what we’re reading is very important because we generally don’t read things passively.  We’re engaged, taking in what is happening and paying close attention to the characters and the story.  A dangerous book is dangerous exactly because it has our attention.  There are other forms of media, however, that are dangerous in exactly the opposite way: because we’re soaking it in without even thinking about it.

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Dear Authors: Your Characters Tell Us Something, Whether Intended or Not

A lot of people say our country is obsessed with entertainment.  That’s true.  There’s a particular focus, however, on fiction.  There’s a local store that I like to visit that sells books, movies, cds, comics, the whole shebang.  I was browsing there today, and it occurred to me while I was thumbing through Batman comics that I was surrounded by stories.  The comics, movies, and books tell us stories through the eyes of characters that can do amazing (or ordinary) things.  With each new pop culture craze comes a new set of these characters.  The earliest one I was old enough to remember well and participate in was Harry Potter (yeah I know, I’m young).  Then it was Twilight (*gag*), and now it’s the Hunger Games.  While thinking about these stories, it also reminded me that all-invisible word that seems to elude our attention more and more these days: worldview.

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The Clearplay Dilemma

If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone say about a movie “It’s good, but…” I’d probably be filthy rich.  Sadly, that doesn’t happen, and I don’t have a rich uncle, so I suppose I’ll have to settle for being a poor loudmouth on the internet.  Still, this is important.

Since Clearplay has become so popular, Christians have been expanding their film library.  New possibilities have been introduced, more worlds that we haven’t been able to explore before!  It’s exciting isn’t it?  Well, it is until you remember that we couldn’t explore them because of the fifty f-bombs, pornographic material, and obvious anti-Christian worldview.

Clearplay only takes care of two out of the three.

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The Book of Eli: Finding God in the Post-Apocalyptic Era

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“Where are you going?”


The plethora of dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature and movies makes it difficult to find a new and fresh look on the oversaturated sub-genre.  As “The Book of Eli” opens, nothing seems very new.  The gray sky, stone rubble, and the unspoken law that one may only dress in tans and blacks are not new to the Hughes Brothers’ picture.  What is new is the subject of the plot – a book.

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